June 18, 2012

So, it hit almost 100° in Denver today, and it’s not planning on cooling off anytime soon. This makes cooking really, really unpleasant, so today I decided to go raw.

For dinner I made gazpacho, heart of palm salad, and collard wraps. The gazpacho is really simple. Just throw some tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, garlic, salt, pepper, and basil in the food processor and blend. It’s meant to be cold, so it’s good to make it in advance and then refrigerate it. I threw a bunch of veggies on top to make it crunchy.

The collard wraps were based on this recipe, minus the cumin (not my fave) and plus some garlic. That pecan filling is so good. I didn’t end up adding sprouts because my sprouts were not looking so hot, and they can become a bit biohazardous. The wraps were still really good without them.

I also made myself some chocolate pudding today with an overripe banana and some cacao powder. Maybe I’ll just go raw for the (miserable, miserable) summer, it feels pretty good.

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